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Sessions - 23 Sept. - Tuesday

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Day's Schedule

08:30-14:00   Registration

14:00-14:50   Opening Ceremony
Message from Franco Bontempi, Chair of ISEC-02
Message from the Academic Authorities
Message from the Political Authorities
Message from the President of the Association of Engineers of Rome
Message from the President of CTE
Message from the Chair of ISEC-01

14:50-15:30General Lecture
Culture in Construction - "Human Reengineering"? - R. Fellows

15:45-17:00   Sessions
17. Structural Damage Assessment Room A
26. Durability Analysis and Lifetime Assessment Room B
30. Issues in the Theory of Elasticity Room C
5. Human Factor, Social-Economic Constraints on the Design Process Room D
7. Shaping Structures and Form Finding Architectures Room E

17:00-17:30   Coffee Break

17:30-19:00   Sessions
4. Cost Control and Productivity Management Room A
26. Durability Analysis and Lifetime Assessment Room B
21. Knowledge Management Room C
3. Construction Planning and Project Management Room D
19. Innovative Methods for Repair and Strengthening Structures Room E

19:00-21:00   Welcome Drink

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