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Sessions - 24 Sept. - Wednesday - Room A

-> 24 Sept.
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11:20 - 12:50

Session 38: "Special Session on “Advanced conceptual tools for the analysis of long suspended bridges”"

Chairmen: Malerba, Ahuja

Strategy and formulation levels of the structural performance analysis of advanced systems.
M. Silvestri & F. Bontempi

General aspects of the structural behaviour in the Messina Strait Bridge design
L. Catallo, L. Sgambi & M. Silvestri

Invited Presentation
by Stefano Bruni, Technical University of Milan

Evaluation and results’ comparisons in dynamic structural response of Messina cable-suspended bridge
V. Barberi, M. Ciani & L. Catallo

Aspects for the determination of the complex stress states in suspension bridge for the fatigue-analysis
L. Catallo, V. Di Mella & M. Silvestri

14:30 - 16:00

Session 38: "Special Session on “Advanced conceptual tools for the analysis of long suspended bridges”"

Chairmen: Casciati, Boulon

A reference framework for the aereodynamic and aereoelastic analysis of long span bridges with Computational Fluid Dynamic
D. Taddei & F. Bontempi

Conceptual framework for the aerodynamic optimization of the long span bridge deck sections
F. Giuliano & D. Taddei

Invited Presentation
by Masaru Matsumoto, Kyoto University

A conceptual framework for the design of an intelligent monitoring system for the Messina Strait Crossing Bridge
S. Loreti & G. Senaud

A hybrid probabilistic and fuzzy model for risk assessment in a large engineering project
F. Petrilli

16:30 - 18:00

Session 12: "Bridges and Special Structures"

Chairmen: Gohnert, Silvestri

Croatian experience in design of long span concrete bridges
J. Radic, G. Puz & I. Gukov

Hydrogen embrittlement of suspension bridge cable wires
K. Mahmoud

The Maya suspension bridge at Yaxchilan
J.A. O’Kon

Roles of stiffening systems of steel plate girder bridges
E. Yamaguchi, K. Harada, S. Yamamoto & Y. Kubo

Continuity diaphragms in continuous span concrete bridges with AASHTO type II girders
A. Saber, J. Toups & A. Tayebi

Modification of walking bridge into semi heavy load bridge by new steel connection opener
A.A. Turk & B.P. Samani

Tendencies for solid structures in waterway engineering
C.U. Kunz

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