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Sessions - 24 Sept. - Wednesday - Room B

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11:20 - 12:50

Session 3: "Construction Planning and Project Management"

Chairmen: Yazdani, Usmen

Lighting design for highway nighttime construction operations
K. El-Rayes & K. Hyari

The importance of new information technologies in a concurrent design environment
P.J. Bártolo & H.M. Bártolo

Construction of super high-rise composite structures in Hong Kong
Raymond W.M. Wong

Design of a buried polyfuctional centre
A. Rago & P. Giura

An estimating system for construction and demolition waste management
A. Touran, J.Y. Wang, C. Christoforou & N. Dantata

Steel fabricator involvement in project design
M.J. Horman, M.H. Pulaski, C.M. Hewitt & J.P. Cross

14:30 - 16:00

Session 14: "Earthquake and Seismic Engineering"

Chairmen: Dolara, Kudzys

Fixing steel braced frames to concrete structures for earthquake strengthening
J. Kunz & P. Bianchi

Effects of taking into consideration realistic force-velocity relationship of viscous dampers in the optimisation of damper systems in shear-type structures
T. Trombetti, S. Silvestri, C. Ceccoli & G. Greco

Modal damage of structures during earthquake
H. Kuwamura

Architectural design influence on seismic building behavior: evaluation elements
A. Gianni

Experimental results and numerical simulation of a concrete sandwich panel system proposed for earthquake resistant buildings
O. Bassotti, E. Speranzini & A. Vignoli

Effect of column characteristics on its inelastic seismic behavior
A. Khairy Hassan

16:30 - 18:00

Session 14: "Earthquake and Seismic Engineering"

Chairmen: Kunz, Faravelli

Theoretical and experimental investigation on the seismic behaviour of concrete frames
F. Biondini & G. Toniolo

Seismic effectiveness of direct and indirect implementation of MPD systems
T. Trombetti, S. Silvestri, C. Ceccoli & G. Greco

Seismic retrofit of a historic arch bridge
S. Morcos, A. Hamza & J. Koo

Probabilistic hazard models: is it possible a statistical validation?
E. Guagenti, E. Garavaglia & L. Petrini

Effects of building vibration to low intensity ground motion: towards human perceptions
A. Adnan & T.C. Wei

Rational estimation of the period of RC building frames having infill
K.M. Amanat & E. Hoque

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