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Sessions - 24 Sept. - Wednesday - Room C

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11:20 - 12:50

Session 28: "Concrete properties and technology"

Chairmen: Bertolini, Yen Tsong

Flowable concrete: 3D quantitative simulation and applications
Munaz Ahmed Noor & Taketo Uomoto

Bond behaviour of reinforcement in self-compacting concrete (SCC)
K. Holschemacher, Y. Klug, D. Weiße, G. König & F. Dehn

Rheological properties of fresh concrete before and after pumping
Watanabe K., Takeuchi M. & Tanigawa Y.

Durability of cement and cement plus resin stabilized earth blocks
A. Guettala, H. Houari & A. Abibsi

Potentialities of extrusion molded cement composites
K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama, S. Tanaka & A. Tokuoka

Experimental investigation into the effect of fly ash on the fresh properties of self-compacting concrete (scc)
M. Dignan & C.Q. Li

14:30 - 16:00

Session 11: "Steel Structures"

Chairmen: Paoluccio, Nunziata

CFRP reinforcement design of steel members damaged by fatigue
P. Colombi

Minimum stiffness requirements of intermediate transverse stiffeners in plate girders
Y. Ogawa & K. Fujii

Sway estimation of rigid frames using equation
B. Ahmed & M. Ashraf

Testing equipment for fatigue and damage tests of steel cords
M. Kopecky, V. Cuth, I. Letko & J. Vavro

Effect of number of bay on sway of building frames
B. Ahmed & M. Ashraf

Development of criteria for using of bracing and shear walls in tall buildings
S. Azizpour, M. Mofid & M. Menshari

16:30 - 18:00

Session 11: "Steel Structures"

Chairmen: Colombi, Pani

Performance of bolted semi-rigid connections under cyclic loading in steel portal frames
Y.M. Kim & C.M. Yang

Prestressed steel structures: historical and technological analysis
A. Masullo & V. Nunziata

Water filled steel structures
J.P. Paoluccio

Linear stability bearing capacity analysis of pin-connected steel structures
S.J. Duan, H.M. Jia, S.Y. Li & Z.Y. Liang

Replacement of Metro-North’s Bronx river bridge
T. Henning & P. Pappas

A bridge on the Adriatic Sea
G. De Romanis

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