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Sessions - 24 Sept. - Wednesday - Room D

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11:20 - 12:50

Session 36: "Special Session on Geomechanical Aspects of Construction: experimental and analytical methods"

Chairmen: Musso, Provenzano

A mathematical model for the analysis of the rectangular machine foundations on a layered medium
M.Z. Asik

Criterion of crack initiation and propagation in rock
Y.L. Chen & T. Liu

Displacements of river bridge pier foundations due to geotechnical effect of floods
F. Federico & G. Mastroianni

A study of the microstructure to assess the reliability of laboratory compacted soils as reference material for earth constructions
C. Jommi & A. Sciotti

Stability of motion of detrital reservoir banks
A.Musso, P. Provenzano & A.P.S. Selvadurai

14:30 - 16:00

Session 36: "Special Session on Geomechanical Aspects of Construction: numerical methods"

Chairmen: Pecora, Pizzarotti

Numerical studies of seepage failure of sand within a cofferdam
N. Benmebarek, S. Benmebarek, L. Belounar & R. Kastner

Computational methods for deep tunneling design
S. Francia, E.M. Pizzarotti, M. Rivoltini & C. Pecora

Identification of soil parameters for finite element simulation of geotechnical structures : pressuremeter test and excavation problem
Y. Malécot, E. Flavigny & M. Boulon

Hyperbolic functions for modelling the elasto-plastic behaviour of soils in the evolutional, non-linear analysis of slurry walls and sheet-piling structures
R. Van Impe, J. Belis, M. De Beule, G. Lagae & W. Vanlaere

Confronting non-linear and evolutional numerical analyses of horizontally loaded piles embedded in soils with experimental results and the concept of safety
R. Van Impe, J. Belis, P. Buffel, M. De Beule, G. Lagae & W. Vanlaere

16:30 - 18:00

Session 34: "Special Session on "Innovative materials and innovative use of materials in structures""

Chairmen: Belis, Ianniruberto

Experimental and numerical study of buckling glass beams with 2 m span
J. Belis, R. Van Impe, M. De Beule, G. Lagae & W. Vanlaere

Torsional behaviour of laminated glass beams with a varying interlayer stiffness
M. De Beule, J. Belis, R. Van Impe, W. Vanlaere & G. Lagae

Innovative aluminium structures
G.C. Giuliani

Mechanical properties of steel-concrete composite segment for micro multi box shield tunnel
I. Yoshitake, M.I. Junica, K. Nakagawa, M. Ukegawa, M. Motoki & K. Tsuchida

Flexural strengthening of RC members by means of CFRP laminates: general issues and improvements in the technique
A. Nurchi & S. Matthys

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