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Sessions - 26 Sept. - Friday - Room A

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09:20 - 10:50

Session 6: "Structural Optimization and Evolutionary Procedures"

Chairmen: Xie, Marchiondelli

Discrete Lagrangian method for optimal design of truss structures
D.S. Junag, Y.T. Wu & W.T. Chang

Multidimensional design and systemic vision in structural engineering
F. Biondini & A. Marchiondelli

Optimal design of space structures with stability constraints
A. Csébfalvi

An overall approach to structural design of steelworks using genetic algorithms
N. Bel Hadj Ali, J.C. Mangin & A.F. Cutting-Decelle

On the design of optimized R/C sections in bending
L. Fenu

Optimal arrangement of studded paving block system by multi-objective genetic algorithm
H. Furuta & T. Nishi

11:20 - 12:50

Session 6: "Structural Optimization and Evolutionary Procedures"

Chairmen: Gupta, Dinevski

A design procedure for multi-component structures
Q. Li, G.P. Steven & Y.M. Xie

Design optimization of tall steel buildings
L. Catallo, L. Sgambi & S. Tranquilli

Shape optimal design of skeletal structures
B. Harl, M. Kegl, D. Dinevski & M.M. Oblak

Analysis and optimization of a cable stayed bridge with external prestressing
G. Agostino

The optimal topology of composite beams: analysis, design and experiment
B. Wethyavivorn & K. Atchacosit

Identification of strut-and-tie mechanisms in reinforced concrete structures using the cell method and genetic optimization techniques 
D. Baron, S. Noč & G.A. Rassati

14:30 - 16:00

Session 2: "Risk Analysis and Structural Reliability"

Chairmen: Reid, Furuya

Codified design and reliability aspects of structural timber elements
L. Keskküla & L. Ozola

Prototype testing for reliability-based design
S.G. Reid

Microbiology risk and hydraulic of the hot water system
Z. Pospíchal & Z. Žabička

A general framework for risk management of stable links
F. Petrilli

Uncertainties of the method of partial safety factors
A. Kudzys & E.R. Vaidogas

16:30 - 18:00

Session 20: "Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering"

Chairmen: Lazzari, Sgambi

A learning-based design computer tool  
H.M. Bártolo & P.J. Bártolo

Integrating neural networks, databases and numerical software for managing early age concrete crack prediction
M. Lazzari, R. Pellegrini, P. Dalmagioni & M. Emborg

Joint stiffness estimation of thin-walled structure using neural network
A. Okabe, Y. Sato & N. Tomioka

Development of a high performance fully automated application system for shotcrete
S. Moser & G. Girmscheid

An ANN model for biaxial bending of reinforced concrete column
M.E. Haque

Architectural reverse design through a biomimetic-based computer tool
N.M. Alves & P.J. Bártolo

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