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Sessions - 26 Sept. - Friday - Room B

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09:20 - 10:50

Session 3: "Construction Planning and Project Management "

Chairmen: Di Niro, Jain

Improving construction processes: experiences in the field of Contact-Contract-Conflict
W. Tijhuis & R.F. Fellows

International procurement of construction materials for the Middle East
E. Koehn, H.J. Tohme & A.P. Shukla

Building design evaluation - Facility Manager’s and Designer’s perspectives
K. Lueprasert & Y. Kanhawattana

Existing and emerging delivery system for construction projects
K.A. Tenah

Success factors of partnering in new project delivery models – Experience in Switzerland
G. Girmscheid

Alternative courses of action for industrialized construction processes in small and medium-sized enterprises
J. Bärthel

11:20 - 12:50

Session 3: "Construction Planning and Project Management"

Chairmen: Fellows, Ankrah-Bruce

Development of the logistics plans in building construction
S.M.B. Serra & O.J. Oliveira

A design/evaluation approach to building design and construction
T.H. Nguyen & S. Yazdani

Organisational and managerial attributes of innovation among firms in the construction industry in the UK: issues of theory and practice
Zawdie G. & Langford D.

Wall panels for industrialized housing method
S.P.G. Moonen

Development of a framework for valuing variations in concrete works
M. Sutrisna, K. Potts & D. Proverbs

14:30 - 16:00

Special Session 31: "Structural Monitoring and Control"

Chairmen: Bergman, Silvestri

Reducing damages in structures during earthquake using energy dissipation devices
K.K.F. Wong & D.F. Zhao

A benchmark problem for seismic control of cable-stayed bridges: lessons learned
S.R. Williams, S.J. Dyke, J.M. Caicedo & L.A. Bergman

Electro-inductive passive and semi-active control devices
M. Battaini, F. Casciati & M. Domaneschi

Control of vortex-induced oscillations of a suspension footbridge by Tuned Mass dampers
E. Sibilio, M. Ciampoli & V. Sepe

Wireless communication between sensor/device stations
L. Faravelli & R. Rossi

Interval expression of uncertainty for estimated ambient modal parameters
Y.G. Wang, H. Li & J.H. Zhang

The implementation of a cable -stayed bridge model and its passive seismic response control
V. Barberi, M. Salerno & M. Giudici

16:30 - 18:00

Session 9: "Advanced Modelling and Non Linear Analysis of Concrete Structures"

Chairmen: Tsutsumi, Belletti

Modeling non-linear behavior of shear walls with damage
S. Yazdani

The effective length factors for the framed columns with variable cross sections
S.C. Kim, S.C. Kim & Y.J. Moon

Design of reinforced structures with strut-and-tie model
S. Arangio, L. Catallo & A. Rago

Finite deformation analysis using natural strain (on anisotropy in yield surface under large uni-axial tension and shear)
Y. Kato & Y. Moriguchi

Studying of elastic-plastic behavior of concrete ceiling, joints, supports by Live Loading of concrete ceiling
A. Turk

Stringer panel method: a discrete model to project structural reinforced concrete elements
G. Tarquini & L. Sgambi

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