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Sessions - 26 Sept. - Friday - Room C

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09:20 - 10:50

Session 18: "Materials, Composite Materials and Structures"

Chairmen: Paitnaikuni, Bianchi

Delamination of FRP plate/sheets used for strengthening of r/c elements
M. Savoia, B. Ferracuti & C. Mazzotti

Deformation capacity of concrete columns reinforced with CFT
K. Maegawa, M. Tomida, A. Nakamura, K. Ohmori & M. Shiomi

Application of steel fibre reinforced concrete for the revaluation of timber floors
K. Holschemacher, S. Klotz, Y. Klug & D. Weiße

Application of fiber composite materials with polymer-matrix in building industry - New possibilities of structure durability rise
L. Bodnarova, R. Hela, M. Filip & J. Prokes

Calculation and check of steel-concrete composite beams subject to the compression associated with bending
G.P. Gamberini & G.F. Giaccu

Shear transfer mechanism of Perfobond strip in steel-concrete composite members
H. Kitoh, S. Yamaoka & K. Sonoda

11:20 - 12:50

Session 18: "Materials, Composite Materials and Structures"

Chairmen: Savoia, Breccolotti

A cohesive model for fiber-reinforced composites
A.P. Fantilli & P. Vallini

Abrasive resistibility of concrete surface as influenced by including fiber and silicon fume
Y.W.Liu, Yen T. & Hsu T.H.

Semi-rigid composite moment connections–experimental evaluation
A. Fernson, K.S.P. de Silva, Indubhushan Patnaikuni & K. Thirugnanasundaralingam

Structural efficiency of waffle floor systems
J. Prasad, A.K. Ahuja & S. Chander

Flexural design of steel or FRP plated RC beams
P.M. Heathcote & M. Raoof

Hybrid structural steel beam – reinforced concrete column connection
J.C. Adajar, T. Kanakubo, M. Nonogami, N. Kayashima, Y. Sonobe & M. Fujisawa

14:30 - 16:00

Session 18: "Materials, Composite Materials and Structures"

Chairmen: Miura, Nakagawa

Ultimate strength of rectangular CFT column
R.V. Jarquio

Design methods for slabs on grade in fiber reinforced concrete
A. Meda

The deformability of hybrid (carbon and glass fibers) pultruded profiles
S. Russo & G. Boscato

Comparison between BS5400 and EC4 for concrete-filled tubular columns
Abdel-Kareem Al-Rodan

Economic aspects of steel composite beam stiffened with C-channel
M.Md. Tahir, A.Y.M. Yassin, N. Yahaya, S. Mohamed & S. Saad

Analysis of waffle composite slabs
A.M. El-Shihy, H.K. Shehab, M.K. Khalaf & S.A. Mustafa

16:30 - 18:00

Session 10: "Concrete and Masonry Structures"

Chairmen: Carper, Gambarotta

On the numerical analysis of localized damage in masonry structures
J. Alfaiate, A. Gago & J.R. de Almeida

Load carrying capacity of masonry arch bridges
A. Brencich, A. Cavicchi, U. De Francesco, L. Gambarotta & A. Sereno

Limit analysis of masonry domes: two case studies
P. Foraboschi & M. Nart

Cracking around the interface joint between masonry panels and their supporting reinforced concrete beams in buildings
Dias J.L.M

Restoration & repair of existing masonry structures
W.C. Bracken

Mechanical response of solid clay brick masonry reinforced with CFRP strips under eccentric loading
A. Brencich, C. Corradi, E. Sterpi & G. Mantegazza

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