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Local Info - Fast Info

Italys electricity supply is 220-230 volts, 50 Hz and the plugs are three-pin or two-pin plugs, which may vary. Foreign appliances could require an adapter.

Time zone
Roma is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). All over W-Europe, for daylight saving, from March 30 to October 26, one's uses "Legal Time": it means that one hour is added to GMT. A few examples of the time difference between Roma and other major cities, in September, follow: London: -1 hour; New York City: -6 hours; Sydney: +8 hours; Tokyo: +7 hours.

Climate and Clothing
September weather in Roma is generally mild and pleasant. Rain showers may occur, but are rare. Average temperatures range from 15C to 27C, (59F to 80F). Since the weather can at times be unpredictable, we suggest you bring along a sweater and a raincoat.
Take a look to Meteo for more details.

Currency, banks & foreign exchange
The Euro is the official currency of Italy. Small amount of foreign currency can be exchanged at all local banks and some post offices, in few minutes.
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Phone calls Tips
The international code to call Italy is: 0039.
The most important companies operating public telephones are: "Infostrada" (green stall) and "Telecom" (red stall).
Mobile phones: You can use mobile phone anywhere in Italy thanks to the single GSM (only 900MHz and 1800MHz) technical standard in the EU.
Take a look to Useful section for more details.

Travelling around Roma by bus
You can get all info about timetables and destinations downtown Roma, visiting the official web site of Roma Public Transportation:

The "Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Roma" (Rome Tourist Board) welcomes tourists by assisting them in case of inconveniences and inefficiencies and providing them with various brochures.
Take a look to Useful section for more details.

Besides the official language, in Italy, a bunch of "other languages" and dialects are spoken. During your travels in Italy, try using at least a few phrases of the local language when talking to local people. It will make your visit easier and/or more enjoyable.

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