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Products - Raw materials
There are many Italian products, well known both at international and local level, acknowledged with a denomination which assure and guarantee the origin of the product and its transformation. Two are the macro categories: D.O.C. - (Controlled denomination of origin) and D.O.P. (Denomination of Protected origin).
The first one refers exclusively to wine and indicates typical and valuable wines. Many the regions represented in this category with wines: red, rose, white, dry or sweet ones.
More info on D.O.C. wine (with a short directory).
The second one refers to characteristical products of agricultural origin coming from one particular zone of production and deriving from a precise and specific modality of production; local, typical, authentic earth goodnesses: from cheeses to "salumi", to fruit.
More info on D.O.P. products (with a short directory).

Typical Dishes:
here it's a small directory of roman and Italian typical plates:

Suppli di riso alla romana - Roman fried rice rissoles, Spaghetti all'amatriciana - Amatriciana spaghetti, Filetti di rombo in salsa di burro e alici - Turbot fillets with anchovy and butter sauce, Abbacchio alla cacciatora - Baby lamb alla cacciatora, Saltimbocca alla romana - "Saltimbocca" alla romana, Castagnole alla romana - Roman fried cookies, Ricotta condita - Seasoned ricotta.

Orecchiette con cime di rapa - Orecchiette with turnip greens, Tortelli di zucca - Pumpkin tortelli, Risotto giallo - Saffron risotto, Bagna caôda - Hot garlic dip, Pizza Margherita - "Margherita" Pizza, Taralli scaldati - Puglia dry breads, Mozzarella in carrozza - Mozzarella in a carriage, Cotoletta alla Milanese - Milanese cutlets, Pollo alla diavola - Grilled Devil chicken, Zucca in sạr - Marinated pumpkin, Seppie in tegame - Cuttlefish, Pesce spada al forno - Baked swordfish Campania style, Alici in tortiera - Fresh anchovy pie, Pastiera - Neapolitan grain pie, Babà al rhum - Rum Babà, Struffoli - Neapolitan fried cookies with honey, Zeppole - Neapolitan fried cookies, Panforte, Cantucci - cantucci, Baci di dama - Lady kisses, Zuppa inglese - Zuppa inglese trifle, Carteddate - Puglia sweet dry bread

Liqueurs: Limoncello - Lemon liqueur, Nocino - Nut liqueur

Moreover one can say that Italian kitchen offers both traditional and nouvelle cucine cues within a wide range of price.


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