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Local Info - Italia

Italy offers, even with its small boot shape, the chance to spend holidays here almost all year around: there are seasides, hills, mountains, lakes and rivers.
In September, not a typical month for holidays, it's possible to enjoy sunbaths and to dive in the southern part of Italy and in Sicily or to walk in the smiling hills of center Italy.

"Regioni" and their topics

Every "regione" has its peculiarity for culture, traditions and landscapes. You will find only here the original italian products, places and happenings you have heard about in the world.
From north to south you will have, for istance:

"Monte Bianco", the european highest mountain, with its trekking paths, "funivie"; Milano with its fashion, dynamic activities, "Duomo" and the "Scala" theatre; Venezia with its "calle"; Verona with its "Arena"; Trieste with its "Illy" coffee; Emilia Romagna with its engines (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Maserati) and its parmisan; Liguria with its "cinque terre";

Toscana with its hill and "chianti" wine; Umbria with "Assisi" and "Giotto"; Lazio with its historical landmarks and traditions; Sardegna with its "nuraghi" and Emerald coast; Napoli with its "pizza","babá", "limoncello" and its life philosophy; its coast with Amalfi and Capri;

Puglia home of mediterranean diet; its "trulli", umanity treasure, and the silver sea along "Gargano" and "Lecce" coasts; Basilicata with its "Sassi", another umanity treasure; Calabria with its seasides and ellenistic land; Sicilia multifaced land, with a thousand tastes and its temples valley.

See also eat section for typical dishes and products, famous all over the world, and more suggestions.


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