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Local Info - Meteo

Roma - Ciampino: E12.55 - N41.80 - 101 mt "s.l.m."

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The Sun Rise, Culminate and Set (Local Time)
23/09/2003 - 26/09/2003
Sunrise  06.55 - 06.59
Culminant 13.02 - 13.01
Sunset 19.08 - 19.03
Dawn 05.22 - 05.25
Dusk 20.42 - 20.46

September Statistical Weather Data
Minimal Average Temperature   =   17°C
Maximum Average Temperature   =   27°C
Minimal Temperature Absolute   =   8°C
Maximum Temperature Absolute   =   39°C
Number of days of frost   =   0
Number of days with more than 32°C   =   2
Precipitation [ mm ]   =   68
Number of rainy days   =   5

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September's General Climate Elements in Italy
September marks the passage from the summery torrid warmth to the moderated and rainy autumn climate.
In first month's part, the temperatures still are elevated, even if a stronger local windiness and the lack of sultriness, give a much pleasant climate.
The glass is at set fair for all the first decade and part of the second one; the sporadic precipitations, would be however with storm clouds.
In the second part of the month, the temperatures resolutely begin to change and fall, passing from the summery values to those typically autumnal.
High pressure that has dominated on the Mediterranean for all the summery period, is withdrawn definitively, opening the passage to the Atlantic perturbations that enter in "Mare Nostrum".
The precipitation, of usual intense, begin to take place themselves with greater frequency.
The wind is low in the first period, with stiff breeze and gusts of wind in the storm; in the second part of the month, the winds wester with greater intensity.
The seas are calm or slight in the first period, while a wave motion is on the increase after the first decade.

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