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Local Info - Transport

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If you decide to rent a car or to come to Roma by car we suggest to get a map and information about traffic. On "ISORADIO" there are useful radio news on traffic; sometimes during each day, the news are supplied in more than one language.
Anyway, if you decide to drive on italian roads you will be rewarded with the beauty of the landscapes: you will see hills, mountains, lakes, seas within few miles. Roads are generally well maintened; toll highways are the best even if the lanscape is more plain. See Useful page for limits and suggestions.
Downtown Roma you will find yourself in the traffic which usually afflict big cities with, in addiction, some restrictions due to the preservation of art sites. The city are is surrounded by a ring road called "Grande Raccordo Anulare" (GRA): in peak time you will see a typical traffic jam with long tails of cars. Traffic congestion can afflict also downtown, due to permanent cycling maintenance of the historical sites.

Traffic restrictions
In same days of the week there are some traffic restrictions: you are not allowed to drive downtown Rome, unless you are a resident or you have a special permission.
The so-called "Limited Traffic Zone" have been equipped with electronic access detection devices, which "read" the plate numbers of vehicles illegally accessing the Zone and the vehicle owners will receive a fine at home.
All tourists wishing to drive to downtown hotels by their private car should first contact the hotel management in order to avoid the fine.

Parking your Car
If you are driving to the airport, there are various parkings at Leonardo da Vinci. Long term parkings are on the motorway from Rome to Fiumicino. Multi storey parkings are between the international departure area and the domestic terminal. Special parking spaces for drivers with disabilities.
Shuttle Bus operates between the Long Term Parking and the Domestic and the International Terminal. The service is free of charge. The main credit card are welcomed. Prices are subject to variation without notice.

Car Rental
Car Rental without driver The main car rental companies can be easily reached from both the Domestic and International Terminals. Just follow the Rent a Car signs.
Price are subject to variation without notice.

phone 06 48 14 373 - Booking office phone: 06 41 999
phone 06 48 82 854 - Booking office phone: 800 014 410
phone 06 47 40 389 - Booking office phone: 199 112 211
phone 06 48 80 049 - Booking office phone: 1478 67 067
phone 06 47 40 014 - Booking office phone: 800 900 666
phone/fax 06 47 47 825
# Airports
Fiumicino Airport - phone 06 65 011 531
Ciampino Airport - phone 06 79 340 368
Fiumicino Airport - phone 06 65 010 879
Ciampino Airport - phone 06 79 340 387
Fiumicino Airport - phone 06 65 011 553
Ciampino Airport - phone 06 79 340 616
Fiumicino Airport - phone 06 65 010 678
Ciampino Airport - phone 06 79 340 368
Fiumicino Airport - phone 06 65 95 35 47
Ciampino Airport - phone 06 79 34 08 38
# Multiservice Termini
platform 1 - via Marsala 29

Do not trust offers of transport you cannot recognize properly.

Chauffeur-driven car
Information desk are located in the arrivals halls of the Domestic and the International Terminals.
Cooperativa Termini
Termini Station- Multiservice platform 1 via Marsala - phone 06 4817979
Cooperativa Airport
Fiumicino Airport - National Arrivals - phone 06 65953788 - Bookings: 06 50 79 001
Fiumicino Airport - International Arrivals - phone 06 65953934 - Bookings: 06 6507744
Do not trust offers of transport you cannot recognize properly.

The telephone numbers and the addresses may change without any notice.
See also Disclaimer page. All the information present on this page are provided as they are: the ISEC-02 is in no way responsible, for any reason, of the information provided.

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