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Local Info - Arriving

Roma is reachable mainly by air via the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, located in Fiumicino, 30 Km from Rome, by train via Termini station, located downtown, and by car.
 By Air   By Train   By Car   

  By Air - daytime

Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci) Rome's main airport is well-connected to the center during the day by a direct train and slower trains. The direct train "Leonardo Termini" (one stop) between Fiumicino and Termini costs € 8,78 and takes approximately 30 minutes. It leaves from and arrives at track 22 at Termini (the main train station).
First train from Airport leaves at about 6:30, second at 7:30 and then there is a train leaving every half an hour until 23:30.
First train from Termini leaves at about 4:50, second at 5:50 and then there is a train leaving every half an hour until 22:50.
Tickets can be purchased:
At vending machines at both Termini and Fiumicino
- At the Alitalia office near track 22 at Termini (6.30am / 9pm)
- At the ticket window by the platform at Fiumicino.
To reach Termini from:
Ostiense: Metro line B stop Piramide or bus 175
Tiburtina: Metro line B stop Tiburtina or bus 649 or 492
Trastevere: Tram 8 to Largo Argentina and bus 64
Ciampino Airport
A smaller airport dealing mainly with charter flights and budget airlines. It is connected to Line A metro station Anagnina (about 30 mins by metro from Termini) by Cotral buses; ticket costs € 1,03. Buses leave every half hour.

    By Air - night time

For arrivals and departures between 11.30pm and 5am, there is a night bus running between Fiumicino and Tiburtina station. It stops at Termini Station.
From Fiumicino: 1.15am - 2.15am - 3.30am - 5.00am
From Tiburtina: 0.30am - 1.15am - 2.30am - 3.45am
The 40N bus connects Tiburtina and Termini during the night.
Buses connecting Ciampino airport with the center of Rome stop running at 11pm, so the only way to get into town late at night is by taxi.
The average fare for a taxi ride fron Fiumicino airport (or Ciampino) to the center is € 35.00/40.00. After having exited the arrival hall at Fiumicino, you will find the taxi stand.
You may be approched by illegal taxi drivers in the station and at the airport. If you need a taxi, look for the official white taxis which have meters. There are taxi stands at both Fiumicino and Termini.

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