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Letter of Invitation
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Letter of Invitation


The 2nd International Conference on Structural and Construction Engineering, ISEC-02, will be hold with
in Rome, Italy, on September 23-26, 2003.

The Theme of the Conference, System-based vision for strategic and creative design, includes the following
• systemic framework: it includes the capacity to see all the aspects and the connections of any problem
and its solution;
• creative work: the tension to develop something new;
• design: one of the methods to improve the world and make it better.

More than 300 participants from at least 50 countries are expected.

The conference has been co-sponsored by:
American Concrete Institute, AICAP, CIB, IABMAS and American Society of Civil Engineers;
promoted by C.T.E. - Collegio dei Tecnici della Industrializzazione Edilizia (Italian Association for Building Industrialization);
endorsed by:
Faculty of Engineering of the University of Roma “La Sapienza” and by Association of the Engineers of Roma;
under the sponsorship of:
the Prime Minister's Office, the City of Roma, the Province of Roma.

The main objective of the Conference will be to define knowledge and technologies needed to design and develop project processes and produce high-quality, competitive, environment- and consumer-friendly structures and constructed facilities.

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