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Sessions - 26 Sept. - Friday - Room E

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9:20 - 10:50

Session 4: "Cost Control and Productivity Management"

Chairmen: Chang, Langford

A Bayesian approach for updating change order uncertainty
A. Touran

An expert system for construction cost indexing and forecasting
M.F. Samara

Driving down construction project labor cost
H.E. Picard

Production planning and cost optimization for prestressed concrete alveolar slabs
G. Greco, A. Rago & G. Iaconianni

Productivity management, improvement and cost reduction
L.H. Forbes, S.M. Ahmed, M. Hocaoglu & S. Azhar

Construction productivity of multistory buildings in developing countries
E. Koehn, P. Shukla & H.J. Tohme

11:20 - 12:50

Session 13: "Precast Structures"

Chairmen: Toniolo, Visconti

Nonlinear analysis of prestressed hollow core slabs
B. Belletti, P. Bernardi, R. Cerioni & I. Iori

Mechanical response of pre-cast concrete wall panels to combined wind and thermal loads
A. Brencich & R. Morbiducci

Column-foundation connection for pre-cast elements
E. Dolara & G. Di Niro

Moment-rotation relationships of hybrid connection under monotonic and cyclic loading
X. Sun & T.H. Tan

R.C. shell revival: the Malaga airport new control tower
M.E. Giuliani

Strength of precast slab subjected to torsion
S. Nakano

Building system with joints of high-strength reinforced concrete
L.P. Hansen

14:30 - 16:00

Session 12: "Bridges and Special Structures"

Chairmen: Hara, Giudici

Hybrid truss and full web systems in composite bridges: the SS125 viaducts in Sardinia
M.E. Giuliani

Effectiveness of intermediate diaphragms in PC girder bridges subjected to impact loads
F.S. Fanous, R.E. Abendroth & B. Andrawes

Modelling aspects for the analysis of a box girder steel bridge
L. Catallo, S. Loreti & S. Silvi

Performance of a fibre-reinforced polymer bridge deck under dynamic wheel loading
A.F. Daly & J.R. Cuninghame

Numerical simulation of steel and concrete composite beams subjected to moving loads
N. Gattesco, I. Pitocco & A. Tracanelli

Ultimate and service load simulation of a masonry arch bridge scheduled for controlled demolition
P.J. Fanning, V. Salomoni & T.E. Boothby

Comparison of methods to determine strengths due to mobile loads, in simply supported bridge beams
H. Pankow

16:30 - 18:00

Session 12: "Bridges and Special Structures"

Chairmen: Turk, Romano

An universal approach to analysis and design of different cable structures
V. Kulbach

Structures for covering railways with real estate
Th.S. de Wilde

Grain silos problema and solution
F. Shalouf

Structural response characteristics of stack with hole
T. Hara

The last mile deployment of optical fibers through sewers
S. Gokhale, M. Najafi & E. Sener

Design and construction aspects of a soil stabilized dome used for low-cost housing
M. Gohnert & S.J. Magaia

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