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(ISEC) Conference Theme and Mission


Theme of the Conference

System-based vision for strategic project and design development.

The current practice and research in structural and construction engineering is characterized by increasing levels of complexity and interaction.

This is due to several reasons. First, the transition to a global, high technology environment demands sound safety requirements in all aspects of human life and activities. With respect to what concerns buildings, structures and infrastructures, a century of continuous progress in knowledge, materials and technology should have reduced occurrences of damage, failure, and misconception by large magnitudes. In spite of this expectation, small and large structural and construction deficiencies are still common episodes. This is, probably, due to the more ambitious objectives our society intends to pursue. But, without doubt, there are still problems and mismatches along the engineering path from concept development to practical realization.

Secondly, there is special attention being paid in the world today to the interaction, full of uncertainties and constraints, of the structure with the environment. In this sense, competitiveness and sustainability require a systems approach in which research activities support the development of coherent, interconnected and ecologically-efficient civil engineering structural systems, responding to both market and social needs.

Finally, there is the necessity to answer to socioeconomic needs, by stimulating holistic approaches and heuristic techniques, by strengthening the innovative capacity, and by fostering the creation of businesses and services built on emerging technologies and market opportunities. Research will turn into environmentally and consumer friendly processes, products, and services and will contribute to improve the quality of life and working conditions.

With this point of view, the main objective of the Conference will be to define knowledge and technologies needed to design and develop project processes and produce high-quality, competitive, environment- and consumer-friendly structures and constructed facilities. This goal is clearly connected with the development and reuse of quality materials, excellence in construction management, and reliable measurement and testing methods.








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