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(ISEC) Conference Theme and Mission


Specific Topics

  • Introducing the needs
    • Society necessity and requirements survey
    • Design feasibility and constructability
    • Cost analysis
    • Planning construction and project management
    • System analysis and synthesis
  • Shaping structures
    • Creative design
    • Optimal design
    • Structural morphology and form finding architecture
    • Performance based design
    • Structural optimization and evolution procedures
  • Evaluating risks and opportunities
    • Hazard and risk management
    • Reliability analysis and structural safety
    • Handling design uncertainties and stochastic variability
    • Performance capacity of existing construction
  • Structures and Infrastructures
    • Structural analysis
    • Nonlinear behavior of structures
    • Uncertainties in structural behavior
    • Reinforced concrete structures
    • Steel structures
    • Bridges and special structures
    • Precast structures
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Geotechnical engineering
    • Structural problems and safety devices of road and railways
    • Tunnel and underground structures
    • Structural damage assessment
    • Wind engineering
    • Composite structures
  • Construction Management
    • Cost Control
    • Productivity improvement
    • Process simulation
    • 4-D CADD
    • Construction robotics and construction automation
    • Organizational behavior
  • Advanced approaches in structural and construction engineering
    • Artificial intelligence oriented methods
    • Knowledge management
    • Quality and excellence
    • Concurrent engineering
    • Smart and adaptive structures
    • Structural control by strategic design and proper devices
    • Industrialization of construction
  • Sustainable civil engineering and architecture
    • Environmental analysis and structural interaction
    • Constructions related recycling processes
    • Lifecycle assessment
    • Lifeline and infrastructures networks

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